Lauren Cuzner


I’m from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and recently moved to Halifax with my boyfriend Cailen and our eleven-year-old domestic shorthair cat Tango.

I have had a love for animals (especially cats) since as long as I can remember. I had always dreamed of pursuing a career path that would allow me to make a positive impact while doing something that makes me genuinely happy. During my high school years, I spent numerous hours volunteering at the local SPCA and street cat rescue, which inspired me to enter the veterinary field. I attended the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Veterinary Technology class of 2015.

I’ve always had a strong interest in emergency medicine and critical care. Being able to reunite a previously sick animal with their family after a hospital stay is one of my favourite parts of being a vet tech. The part I love most about my job is interacting with the clients and (of course) the patients on a daily basis.

A fun fact about myself is that I was on the first team from Saskatchewan to ever compete in the world championships for all-star cheerleading in 2011.

It is a great place with vets who genuinly care for your pets. I have been there couple times for…

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Good selection of cat food

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Lovely staff who are always pleasant to chat with and very knowledgeable.

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