Overweight Cat Help

Keeping your cat at their ideal weight range and size with a safe diet regimen.

Cats like us suffer from health issues when they put on too much weight. They are at an elevated risk for heart disease, arthritis/joint pain, diabetes, etc. It is very important to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. We are more than happy to help you establish a plan to keep your kitty fit.

How do I know if my cat is overweight?

Your cat is likely to be overweight if you are unable to feel its ribs anymore or its belly does not tuck up. We provide body conditions score during every exam so that you are better able to manage your pet’s weight.

How can I help my cat lose weight?

Helping your cat to lose that unwanted extra weight can often be a difficult task. Maintaining a proper diet paired with regular exercise is the best way to help keep your feline friend in tip-top shape. We carry many weight management and weight loss diets in the clinic that may be able to assist your pet in losing weight. Our team is also able to help you by tailoring a weight loss plan for your pet. We can calculate the amount of kcal’s your cat should be eating in a day based on their weight and body measurements and develop realistic goals for weight loss progress.

Proper feline enrichment and exercise are also very important for weight loss. Encouraging your cat to play with things such as toys or a laser pointer is helpful. You can even get automated ones to leave on while you’re away. Cat trees and perches to allow for climbing and jumping are beneficial for keeping your cat healthy and in shape. If your cat is food motivated and not big on exercise, you may find that treat balls (they dispense kibble or treats as they are moved around) are an excellent way to get your pet moving. Something important to note here is that treats should never make up more than 10% of your pet’s diet. They should only be used as a special reward, especially if weight management is an issue.

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