Puppy Vaccinations

Keep your puppy protected with a vaccination plan.

Puppies typically get three sets of vaccines starting at approximately 8 weeks of age and then boostered every 4 weeks until they reach 16 weeks old. These vaccines are often separated so that a large number of vaccines aren’t given in the same visit. Doing this further lowers the risk of any vaccine-related adverse reactions. All vaccines are boostered at one year old. Depending on the vaccine type, they will be required every year or every three years.

What vaccinations do you provide to new puppies?

8 weeks – Da2PP
12 weeks – Da2PP, Bordetella
16 weeks – Da2PP, Rabies
18 weeks – Leptospirosis/Lyme
20 weeks – Leptospirosis/Lyme

Why is it important to vaccinate your puppy?

It is important to vaccinate your puppy to provide antibodies for them to protect from potentially fatal diseases.

At what age should I bring my puppy for their vaccinations?

Puppies should start their vaccine series at 8 weeks of age with DA2PPv. After this, they would need a booster and 12 and 16 weeks. At the 12 week mark, we would also include the Bordetella vaccine. At 16 weeks, we would consist of the first rabies vaccine. After the puppy series is complete, then your puppy would be due annually for a visit to our clinic for the respective vaccines that would be due. (See above in vaccine section for annual protocol).

How should I prepare my puppy for their first vaccination visit?

We strive to make puppy visits as positive as possible. To prepare your puppy for these visits, you can get them used to being handled and having their ears, feet and abdomens touched.

How much do puppy vaccinations cost?

For pricing, please contact the hospital and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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