Life at Halifax Vet Hospital

Hello all, some of you may already know me, my name is Margaret, and I call Halifax Veterinary Hospital my home. I was originally a New Brunswick gal. My previous family could no longer care for me, so Mama Sadie (Dr. Griffin) took me in, and then a few months later, we moved to Nova Scotia together. I settled into Halifax Vet very well, and the staff took to me right away. They’re a little annoying, they refuse to feed me every time I ask, and sometimes they force me to walk all the way from the waiting room to the treatment area, I can barely handle it, but they keep telling me I need to lose a few pounds, so it’s for my own good…how insulting. I had very stinky breath when I first came here, so the lovely technicians that work for me cleaned up my teeth.

I was supposed to have some teeth extracted at a later date, but then I had a health scare. I was quite sick for a few days and didn’t want to eat, which is very unlike me. My family did some tests here at Halifax Vet, but they took me to a different hospital to have an ultrasound, and that’s where my family and I received the devastating news, they thought I had lymphoma. I was started on steroids right away, which made me drink and pee a lot and was later put on an oral form of chemotherapy. In the middle of all this, I also developed diabetes, so I was started on insulin injections twice daily.

All these medications made me feel real crumby, and my family didn’t want me to feel any sicker for my remaining time with them, so they started to wean me off what medications they could and then I started to feel much better! About a month after my initial diagnosis, I had a recheck ultrasound with Dr. Rist when he came to visit me and guess what? He told me that I, in fact, did NOT have lymphoma! My family was ecstatic! I had a nap to celebrate.

Now I was still diabetic, but in case you didn’t know, cats can go into remission from diabetes, and that’s exactly what I did! I didn’t need insulin injections anymore, but I didn’t even mind them in the first place because I always got them with a meal. After I was feeling well enough, I was able to have the 2nd stage of my dental procedure to get the rotten teeth.

Since my new lease on life, I have been promoted to clinic-cat manager, and I oversee all clinic policies. I spend my days supervising while napping in one of the numerous beds throughout the clinic, multi-tasking watching bird videos. Other days I help complete paperwork, play with my Cat Dancer or get a good brushin’ from one of my many servants. Life is good. Believe it or not, I am not the biggest fan of other cats, but I don’t mind doggies at all. I also don’t enjoy car rides, but sometimes on long weekends, Mama Sadie will take me on excursions home with her. I help out in her garden and spend time with her family. Other times I go to technician Brittany’s house, and we just hang out on the couch and watch sports together.

Now, I think that’s enough for one day. My paws are tired, I am due for my 17th nap of the day.


Love always,
Margaret (also known as Marge, Myrtle, Margery etc.)

Written by: Halifax Veterinary Hospital's Clinic Cat Margaret